We are a law firm having strong community ties. Our team represents clients from across the world that possesses the needs to build careers, unite family members, further education, or flee persecution. We provide competent assistance in immigration law: a green cards, US citizenship and temporary working visas. We are able to advocate for you and help you with great representation in Federal Court or in Immigration Court. Utilizing the knowledge, resources, and creativity needed for great success, we can assist you as well as your family members to achieve your dreams.


Our knowledge of immigration laws and processes let our clients obtain green cards and temporary visas through marriage, employment, relatives, investment, and green card lotteries. The most common kinds of visas, family -based and employment -based, will allow clients to remain or enter in specific place. Employment-based visas award non-U.S. citizens the rights to work in United States and might allow children and spouses to at times accompany employment-based immigrants. 


We advise those people who want to sponsor the foreign-born employee for permanent residence and temporary visas while complying with E-Verify and I-9 rules. For those people in the field of entertainment or sports, we will help them to get the appropriate athlete or entertainer visa.